ALI6 S.r.l. stems from the desire to create a business entity dedicated to the translation of technological innovation developed by the group available for all products.

ALI6 philosophy is to develop products for the rational use of energy, sustainable development and innovation for the improvement of the environment and life.

Aware What environmental policies are increasingly More Important for the Competitiveness of Enterprises, Ali6 srl It born from the will to create a subject Entrepreneurial Grado to develop innovative products and solutions for the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy enhancing In Level Industrial The fruits of the numerous research and development activities undertaken by the company and translating the Technological Innovations in products Environmental services and environmentally sustainable development.

Strong innovative and courageous entrepreneurial choices, Ali6 arises Today coming company Strongly Pushing Technological innovation is on the search for sustainable solutions, and operates in the energy efficiency sector and Distributed Generation proposing Following Products and Solutions:

The company has increased over the years its resources in all areas, from design and production,the sales organization and the assistance before and after sales service.

This has allowed the creation of complex systems in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy and led to trade agreements with key partners.


Our expertise and human resources. ALI6 in the world, references and our projects.

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