innovative system for tracking the trajectory in manufacturing production processes


The TRAITOR project


The TRAITOR project (acronym for “innovative system for TRACKING the trajectory in manufacturing production processes”) aims to develop an integrated system that is able to facilitate the programming of Cobots. The system will allow the operator of the workshop, shop, factory, etc. to be replaced by a cobot in all those processes where there are moving parts or the tools are at a high risk of serious injury (such as cutting machines, milling machines, welding machines, paint machines, etc.). In particular, the project aims to create a tracking pen that will make it possible to obtain sub-centimeter resolutions even in industrial environments.
The basic idea of the project is to extend the principles of smart production and safety production to small and medium-sized enterprises where the interaction between man and work machine still takes place, for the most part, manually. Through the aid of collaborative robots, a production method will be created based on the synergy between the operator and the work tool, which will guarantee full safety during the processing phases, high efficiency and high precision with minimization of processing waste.

Advantages of the solution


The main purpose of the project is to extend the concept of Industry 4.0 to the reality of small/medium manufacturing companies, looking at the need to propose an innovative but at the same time economical, intuitive, safe and reliable system that assists production. From this point of view, the concept of smart factory will also be brought to productive realities where manual work is still widespread, with the aim of creating a workplace less prone to accidents but also which leads to an increase in productivity with less number of processing scraps, less waste of raw materials, less energy consumption for the same number of pieces produced and less impact on waste disposal. The innovativeness of the proposed system is such that no pre-programming knowledge will be required to train the cobot.
The TRAITOR device will provide innovative support to all SMEs operating in a context in which high work flexibility is required, i.e. in all those non-standard, non-repetitive activities in terms of type and volume, in the face of high product variability and of the workings.


Project partners

The company Ali6 srl deals with the design, manufacture, sale, maintenance and management of electric generators and transformers, high-efficiency cogeneration plants, trigeneration systems, photovoltaic plants, plants for the production of energy from renewable sources (biomass, biogas, wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, mini hydraulic), biofuel production systems, biogas production systems from anaerobic digestion and/or gasification processes.
It operates in the field of internal combustion engines, turbines and turbo-alternators, designs and manufactures industrial robots for multiple uses, railway vehicles, bodies for railway vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment for railway vehicles and their engines. Furthermore, it provides technical consultancy, research and experimental development in the field of engineering, nanotechnology and biotechnology; of the design and production of electrical and electronic equipment. Finally, he deals with the conception, management and promotion of industrial research projects and/or experimental development and technological innovation.


Kad3 srl, founded in 2006, is a company specialized in the provision of design services, technical consultancy and integrated engineering of industrial and civil plants (electrical, purification, disposal, hydraulic and for the production of electricity and heat) , systems for clean energy and renewable sources (solar, wind and geothermal systems, cogeneration and biomass), mechanical design of railway machinery.
Kad3 now offers professional and complete technical consultancy in the field of mechanical design, supporting the customer during all the design phases (concept, 3D CAD/CAE modeling, virtual prototyping, product development, checks, engineering) through: 3D modeling ( Surface Design, Sheetmetal Design, Piping & Cabling, Mechanism Modeling); Finite Element Analysis (FEM); Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis and multiphysics (CFD); Fatigue Analysis; Structural design and checks (static and dynamic); Design and kineto-dynamic analysis (multibody) of the rigid or flexible body; Failure analysis. Furthermore, Kad3 srl designs SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems, distributed IT systems for the electronic monitoring of physical systems used as a control system in the industrial field for infrastructural or industrial process monitoring and control.
National Operational Program «Enterprise and Competitiveness» 2014-2020 ERDF – TRAITOR Project – ALI6 – Prog n. F/190087/01/X44 – CUP: B58I19000380008