Kad3 Group is research, innovation, technology.
Kad3, Ali6 and Horus are the three companies part of the group and deal respectively with engineering and design, product development and plant implementation.
Founded in 2006, today kad3 Group has a staff of over 100 members and it is worldwide present with 3 offices in Europe (Monopoli,Firenze and Bucarest) and one in Africa (Accra).
The Group has also increased the external expansion becoming dealer and partner for different projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Arab Emirates, USA, Egypt and Brasil.
Kad3 Group has an internal consortium, InResLab, born with the purpose of basic research activities, industrial activities and experimental development.
During 2014 the activities of design and development, PLM consultancy for third persons (CNH Industrial, Elica Spa, Mermec Group, CML, Eni, Bosch) have been reinforced, and also the experimental development has been increased aimed to realize new instruments for renewable energies, automotive, railway, manufacturing, and PLM consultancy field.
We are aware that each action we made during our life has an impact on the planet that we inhabit.
Our actions worldwide leave their mark, so we want that it is light and positive.
Everyday, we need energy to live and our work derives from the awareness environmental protection needs a reduction of fossil fuels
Our mission is to increase the production and use of clean energy, optimize the energy consumption for a greater energy efficiency, improve processes to reduce environmental impact, design and produce solutions pointing towards the future.
The Group through the excellent staff expertise, has an incessant tension towards the future, it works everyday to make available for everyone all technologies present on the market.